#MilikiMoment at Miliki Lounge, Victoria Island, Nigeria


We profiled Miliki Lounge in an early post titled 3 Top Whisky Bars in Africa, the private lounge is indeed a great space to enjoy a fine spirit but on a recent trip to Lagos, I learnt a bit more about what sets this lounge apart from any other in Africa

A good friend Patrick Koshoni whom I recently played host to in the Scottish Highlands where we toured a few whisky distilleries, is the owner of Miliki. While Corrine Bailey Rae plays in the background, Patrick describes the #MilikiMoment as a state of extreme calm and relaxation, where you are transported to a world where time stands still. Patrick who is a commercial and residential designer has managed to create an authentic African infused contemporary yet highly textured interior space, filled with bespoke, antique furniture pieces which make for a truly unique environment that inspires.


With a vast selection of books, perfectly placed around the seating areas, liquid lounge music and a comprehensive drinks menu featuring Champagne Gosset and Cognac Frapin, Patrick has paid attention to every detail in his private members only lounge.

Apply for membership at miliki.ng





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