Luxury Super Yacht My Vava II

Image: Ron Raffety

The luxury super yacht, My Vava II owned and commissioned by Swiss-Italian entrepreneur Ernesto Bertarelli, moored into Cape Town Harbour last month. This mammoth super yacht, was built by Davenport Yachts based in Plymouth, England. My Vava II is claimed to be the largest british-built superyacht. The arrival of the super yacht to African shores, sparked a healthy interest in the exclusive super-yacht club, the worlds top Marinas and how Africa compares

It is not immediately clear whether or not there are any Africans who are proud owners of a super-yacht. A super-yacht is classified as a motor or sailing boat measuring over 26 metres. My Vava II’s dimensions are something to behold, measuring length overall x breadth extreme: 96.83m x 17.21m, over 3 times the minimum super yacht classification.

Image: Patrick O’Brien

There are a number of super yachts that dock on South African shores in particular, on a regular basis. These privately owned super-yachts have to make use of commercial harbours as there are no marinas large enough to accommodate them south of the equator. The cost of mooring (docking), these super-yachts are based on the vessels gross tonnage, with the figure varying depending on how busy the harbour is at that particular time.

Image: Patrick O’Brien

Below is an estimate of what it could cost to moor a super yacht at Cape Town harbour

Port dues for the first day – R8 680 (more or less)

Port dues from the second day – R2 000 per day

Berth dues (if you stay longer than 48 hours) – about R5 600 per day

All this excludes the brokers’ agency fees at about R1 000 per day.

Source: Grindrod

The mooring costs at the Top 10 Marinas in the World(based on average rates per day for 70-meter yachts):

  1. Capri, Italy – €2,900
  2. Porto Cervo, Sardinia, Italy – €2,500
  3. Portofino, Liguria, Italy – €2,350
  4. Ibiza Magna, Ibiza – €2,300
  5. St Tropez, Cote d’Azur, France – €1,300
  6. Port Hercule, Monaco – €1,200
  7. Miami Beach, Miami, Florida – €883
  8. Port de Cannes, Cote D’Azur, France – €655
  9. Port of Gustavia, St Barts – €500
  10. Yas Marina, Abu Dhabi – €421

With the growing number of African billionaires, I have no doubt that one day an African Marina will make its way into the top 10 list.


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