3 Luxurious whisky bars in Africa to enjoy a fine dram

Bascule Bar.1

Whether Scotch, Irish, Japanese or Bourbon, whisky as a category continues to see positive growth in many African markets. South Africa is the 6th largest scotch whisky market in the world, so naturally you’d expect the African continent to be home to a selection of top end whisky bars. Here are my top 3 whisky bars for a dram across the continent.

  1. The Bascule Bar, Cape Grace Hotel, Cape Town, South Africa
Bascule Bar.1
Image: Bascule Bar

They call it the whisky capital of the continent, for a simple reason, The Bascule boasts the largest whisky collection in the Southern Hemisphere. Over 400 whiskies from all the major whisky producing nations. Topping the great whisky selection is a view of the marina from the 11 metre bar. The bar staff are well trained as well so you’ll always know what exactly you are drinking and why.

2. Paz Flor Restuarant K, Luanda, Angola

Paz Flor
Image: Jonas Sanders

Also known as Kasta Lounge, this place is technically not a whisky bar, its more of a high energy night club, however the atmosphere is perfect for an early evening dram in Angola’s capital city before you take it up a notch and party into the night. Frequented by Angolas elite, don’t be surprised if you see patrons ordering $5000 dollar single malt decanters like it ain’t nothing.

3. Miliki Private Lounge, Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria

Image: Omenkaonline

This private lounge, is as exclusive as you’ll find in any African city. Patrons need to apply to have access to the curated events held at this venue as well as for general access to the lounge. The ambiance, rich dark interior decor and music create a relaxing environment for deep thought provoking conversation over a few glasses of the golden liquid.


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