Why Africa Shouldn’t lose its Safari image…

For decades Africans have almost taken offense to the western perception that Africa is not just one big “country” (yes, i’ve heard many refer to Africa as such) but also as one big piece of jungle.

I am of the opinion that we should embrace this perception. I do believe the reality has landed with many potential visitors to the continent, through the advent of technology and certainly the media’s depiction of the continent, to a more urbanised view of what one can find and experience.

Luxury Safari’s, like it or not are what draws tourists to Africa in their droves! Countries such as Botswana, South Africa and Tanzania have thriving ecotourism sectors which contribute to their respective GDP’s. These sectors are assets, and should be preserved.

Instead of shying away from the “safari” image, luxury safari operators have improved the level, quality and exclusivity of their offerings, including those that are completely tailor made for those descerning visitors.

Where to go?

Zafara, a luxury safari camp in Botswana is worth a visit and promises an intimate encounter with nature with all the creature comforts.

For more visit http://greatplainsconservation.com/zarafa-camp/


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