A day in the Stellenbosch winelands, Western Cape, South Africa


Stellenbosch is certainly the best known of the South African wine route regions . It is home to some of South Africa’s most well known wine estates and definitely a must see for wine seeking visitors to the Western Cape.

I spent some time at the majestic Asara Wine Estate and Hotel, which features lush green lawns amidst rolling vineyards and an amazing view of the Stellenbosch mountain range. The farms that make up the Asara Estate date back to 1691 and together create this timeless masterpiece. Situated just 50 km’s from Cape Town and in close proximity to a number of the finest Stellenbosch wine producing estates, Asara delivers a unique luxury getaway in the heart of the South African winelands.

What to drink:

Being a high-end estate, the winelist is fantastic, featuring the estates wines. The Asara Cape Fusion stood out.


Book in advance for the 5* hotel to get the full Asara Experience

For more, visit:



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