The Worlds Finest Safari Spa, Kwazulu Natal, South Africa

A short while ago (seems like ages ago now), I had the pleasure of going to The Worlds Finest Safari Spa, Karkloof Spa and Nature Reserve, which is nestled in the enchanting Pietermaritzburg bush, Kwazulu Natal, South Africa. The spa and nature reserve has earned 5* status and truly lives up to its title.

Depending on the package you choose you have unlimited spa access for most of the day, sunset game drives which lead you to the beautiful waterfall on the property. The cuisine is equally special, the chef sources local ingredients which includes warthog which one would see running around the lodge area from time to time during your stay (may be rather unsettling for non-meat eaters).

The Karkloof Luxury Safari experience certainly allows guests to experience the African wildlife with all the bells and whistles included.

What to eat and drink:

You have the choice of eating your meals in the comfort of your lodge, i’d recommend opting for dinner in the main dining area where you can meet the other guests of the hotel while enjoying a 3 course meal.

The lodge has a lovely wine cellar which guests can walk into and select a bottle from their fantastic selection.

Expect to pay: From R10 000 per night pp

Tip: Leave all your electronics behind


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